Dogs 2 Doors Terms and Conditions

  1. These General Terms and Conditions are designed to be used in combination with the Client Agreement Form completed for all customers. Any booking where a Client Agreement Form has not been completed, the customer will NOT be covered by our insurance policy.

  2. By agreeing to use Dogs2Doors services either verbally or in writing, you agree to these terms and conditions.

  3. In order to ensure the safety and happiness of all of our guests using services, we require that all prospective owners complete a face to face interview. Please contact us for an appointment and allow 20-30 minutes for the interview.

  4. By enrolling the named dog(s), I represent that I am the legal owner of the named dog(s) and I assume all risks, dangers and responsibility for injuries to the named dog(s).

  5. Dogs2Doors will also require copies of current insurance paperwork which is appropriate to cover my dog(s) personal injury in the unlikely event of an incident, I agree to cover any costs relating to accidents that may occur at Dogs2Doors which result in injury to my dog. All interaction and dog play is monitored by Dogs2Doors staff but I understand my dog(s) may sustain accidental injuries and I agree to cover any veterinary fees pertaining to my dog. Dogs2Doors nor its employees will not accept responsibility for the death, injury or illness of your dog whilst using our services. You are strongly advised to insure your pet for all eventualities.

  6. Dogs2Doors reserve the right to act in the best interests of the dog(s) at all times this includes seeking veterinary advice if he/she becomes ill/injured. We will contact you immediately should your dog become ill/injured. If you cannot be contacted within a reasonable time or have chosen not to be contacted, Dogs2Doors reserve the right to seek appropriate and swift veterinary attention and proceed with any treatment regardless of costs, which you (Client/Owner) agree to cover. We will do everything needed for the dog as regards treatment, comfort and recovery. If euthanasia is absolutely necessary (determined by the vet) for whatever reason excluding behavioural (aggression etc) we will accept and act upon the advice provided by the vet. If the cost of the vet’s fees is covered by Dogs2Doors, I (The Client/Owner) agree to pay in full the amount owed to Dogs2Doors within 7 days of the treatment.

  7. Customers must make Dogs2Doors aware of any unsociable, violent or otherwise undesirable behaviour prior to a booking. Whilst Dogs2Doors are fully competent in the handling of animals, failure to disclose any relevant information may result in the customer being liable to any costs that arise through actions that could have been prevented through disclosure of this information. This includes but is not limited to cleaning costs, furniture repair/replacement, damage to personal items, property damage costs.

  8. We accept all dog breeds subject to passing our screening process. While we accept both male & female dogs, any that are not spayed or neutered are of course welcome use Dogs2Doors services, however Dogs2Doors may stop any dogs that come into season using Dogs2Doors services and will not be held responsible or liable for any that may fall pregnant.

  9. Entire male dogs will be accepted on services at Dogs2Doors. But any males who attend Dogs2Doors services will be monitored closely and if their entire status has effects on them or the behaviour and temperament of other dogs, then Dogs2Doors reserve the right to terminate the service immediately.

  10. My dog(s) is healthy and will at all times while attending Dogs2Doors, have current vaccinations including the kennel cough vaccine and regular treatment for worms, ticks and fleas. I will provide Dogs2Doors with an up to date copy of my dog(s) vaccination record annually. I am not enrolling any dog into Dogs2Doors that has any condition that could potentially jeopardize the health of other dogs or people and has not had any potentially communicable condition within 21 days prior to enrolment. I also understand that even if my dog is vaccinated for Kennel Cough there is a chance that Kennel Cough can still be contracted. I agree that I will NOT hold Dogs2Doors responsible if my dog(s) contracts Kennel Cough.

  11. As with the client agreement form, I Agree my dog(s) is/are able to be let off the lead while on walks with Dogs2Doors, unless I(the owner) have requested otherwise.

  12. Payments will be collected in advance for any services taking place; you may pay by cash or bank transfer prior to each service.

  13. A 20% deposit of the overall cost will be required if boarding. There is a 48-hour notice of cancellation policy for any boarding reservations. Cancellations made less than 48 hours from the booking start time will forfeit all deposit monies paid.

  14. Dogs2Doors are happy/ competent to administer all non-injectable medications as specified or required. Please make sure all medication is clearly labelled and dosage instructions are provided.

  15. Dogs2Doors does provide guest with comfortable, elevated bedding and blankets, so you may leave your dog beds at home. But you are welcome to bring your own beds, treats and any toys your dog may enjoy, however we cannot guarantee that they will be returned in the same condition.

  16. Dogs2Doors will not release any pet to anyone other than the owner unless prior arrangements have been made.

  17. Any Dog(s)not collected or able to be returned within 3 hours of the agreed time or extension will incur a 100% surcharge on the cost of the service booked. Full Payment of this surcharge is required when the dog is collected or returned home.

  18. If a Dog(s) is not collected or no one is in at the address given to return the Dog(s), Dogs2Doors will retain the guest for up to 7 days. If the guest is not collected or additional arrangements made within that period, sadly the dog will be considered abandoned. Dogs2Doors will report any abandoned animal immediately and take appropriate action.

  19. Any additional expenses incurred by Dogs2Doors during the course of a booking must be paid directly to Dogs2Doors within 7 days of the end of the booking. This may include, but is not limited to, road/bridge tolls, additional food, emergency home repairs, additional visits, emergency boarding costs, and veterinary bills and will be supported with receipts.

  20. All dogs are required by law to have an identification tag and collar with the owners name and address or Phone number. Dogs2Doors reserves the right not to walk dogs without the required identification in.

  21. If you wish to shorten your service, the full amount of the service is still payable.

  22. If Dogs2Doors needs to cancel your service (or any part of your service) for any reason, you will receive a refund of 100% of any money already paid (or a refund for the part of the service not delivered)

  23. Dogs2Doors general working hours are 7am-5pm Monday to Friday. The following days are subject to double rates: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday and all other Bank Holidays.

Discounts may be offered dependent upon services required. We and your pet are fully insured and have full CRB.