Dogs 2 Doors Walk locations

Here are some of our preferred walking locations, perfect for all year round and have many different variations of walk in the same location. But just because these are our preferred walking locations it does not mean we have to walk there and may walk around the surrounding area of your home dependent upon services required but we will work with you to provide the tailored walk you desire for your loved family members.

Moulden Hill country park, Swindon

Mouldon Hill Swindon

This walk around the beautiful Mouldon Hill Country Park is about 1.3 miles and touches on both the heritage of the canals and the railways. There are many variants to this walk that you can apply making it the perfect location for all breeds and ages of dogs.

Coate Water Country Park, Swindon

Coate Water Swindon

Situated on Marlborough Road, Swindon, Coate Water Country Park is a fantastic Community resource providing a perfect setting for a simple and enjoyable walk or day out. Nestling in a beautiful country setting, the park provides a peaceful oasis for your pet to enjoy.

Stratton Woods, Swindon

Stratton Woods Swindon

Located just outside Swindon, Stratton Woods is one of 12 community forests created as part of the Great Western Community Forest Project (GWCF).Here you will find mixed native broadleaf woodland including oak, ash, field maple, goat willow and hazel, shrubs, hedgerows and two traditionally managed wildflower meadows. A stream runs through the wood (but it can dry up in the summer months), while open areas offer great views of the countryside.

The wildflower meadows are home to skylarks and other ground-nesting birds, as well as a host of bees, butterflies and moths. Other wildlife to look out for include roe deer, badgers, amphibians and bats. There is a good network of paths and rides throughout the site, including a 0.6-mile circular surfaced path, which starts and ends at the car park, some of the other routes are unsurfaced and may be narrow and muddy in places.

Neigh Bridge Country Park, Cirencester

Neigh Bridge Country Park Swindon

Neigh Bridge has free access all year round with plenty of parking, picnic benches, lakeside walks and a small playground for youngsters. Neigh Bridge is also a great place to start some beautiful country side walks which will give you an insight into the true landscape of the Cotswolds. You can walk around the lake, walk beside the river and streams or cross the bridge and explore field after field of different trails and walks, wellington boots are highly recommended in the winter months and you may also come home with a soggy dog anytime of the year.

Shaw Forest Park, Swindon

Shaw Park Forest Swindon

Shaw Forest Park is currently a 40-hectare community woodland approximately 3km north-west of the centre of Swindon. It started life as the old Shaw Farm Landfill and was slowly reforested over a number of years. It now boasts an array of habitats ranging from ash/ willow woodlands to scrub land containing juniper and alder. A perfect and safe habitat for walking your loved family members.

Sisters Wood, Cirencester

Sisters Wood Cirencester

Just north of Cirencester off of the Stow road on the A419 lies a collection of privet woods all very close to each other. There are not many public rights of way through the woods if any, but the owners have kindly welcomed walkers to explore the wood(s) (according to the signs) to use the permissive paths and trails that lead around the wood(s) and surrounding areas. There is plenty of wildlife to be seen and on quite days herds of roe-deer can be spotted. Parking is limited in the area but Sisters wood is well worth a visit any time of year.

Discounts may be offered dependent upon services required. We and your pet are fully insured and have full CRB.